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Our team is made up of certified personal trainers who are proud members of the professional health and wellness industry. Each one continually looking for ways to better our skills and learn new techniques.

We strive to offer you personal training sessions specifically for your goals as well as unique small group sessions that are fast paced and fun.

When you visit us, our friendly, helpful team will answer your questions and come up with a plan that will help you reach your health and fitness goals - without draining your bank account.


Kim Holman

Co-Owner of Bodies Defined and Personal Trainer

I have been working in this industry since late 2004.  I became a certified personal trainer (at the urging of others) after my own transformation - having lost 65 pounds and 30+% body fat.

I didn't start working out until my late thirties. I didn't always have a passion for working out. I have my own struggles with weight and the emotional roller coaster that goes along with it.  I'm a business owner and a working mother of three children. I understand the struggles people face trying to find a healthy balance with a busy life.

I started working with clients in a gym but came to the realization that the gym setting wasn't always the best place to work with some people. No matter how hard I worked at making those clients feel comfortable, there were some who were just very uncomfortable being in that setting. That's when my husband and I started talking about opening our own place; a place where our clients would feel like GUESTS.  We finally opened Bodies Defined fitness studio in 2009.  

I have had the opportunity to help hundreds of people work toward their goals; each person with their own personal health and wellness goals. Weight loss, building strength, increasing stamina, bettering their overall health, being able to decrease their medication or come off of medication altogether. I've been so fortunate to help people obtain some incredible, personal, potentially life-changing results. 

I enjoy working with all types of people. I work well with people who are just starting out because I remember the struggles I had when I first started working out. My own personal history of weight struggles makes it easy for me to relate to those fighting the same battle. I give my clients the emotional support they need to get started. I also know how to push my clients to the next level of fitness.

I absolutely love my what I do, the beautiful studio that we have built and our amazing team at Bodies Defined.

We look forward to helping you change the quality of your life!

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Dahiana Suarez

Certified Personal Trainer

I have always been one to exercise, whether it was yoga, resistance training, HIIT DVD workouts, at one point I even joined a couch to 5k. I have tried many diet trends and get-fit-quick programs in an attempt to lose the excess weight I had gained after both of my pregnancies. The weight loss diets and programs produced results. Dieting is a temporary food plan, not something I could stick to, therefore, I would eventually break my routine by falling off the diet and finding myself further behind in my weight loss journey. I, like many others out there, aspired to look like a fitness model I follow on Instagram. I was told that for me to look remotely like that it would take years and I had to live in the gym...that did not sound promising, see at that time I had been exercising not because I loved it, but because "I HAD to" in order to achieve weight loss.

Finally, after many years, I received fitness advice and helpful tips from friends who were also into making fitness a lifestyle. I actually had my own workout routine and meal plan. Once I started my workout routine I no longer felt lost at the gym. The changes started showing, not just physically but most importantly mentally. I loved every bit of how I was beginning to feel and that is when I fell in love with fitness. It made me stronger in every aspect of the word.

In 2017, I decided to compete in what would be my first bodybuilding competition in the figure class. My first season competing I placed 1st, 2nd (twice), 3rd, and 5th. The commitment and dedication it took to get ready proved to me that not only had I changed, but it also showed me that YES! We are all capable of whatever it is we want to accomplish, as long as we're willing to put in the work. You can be given all the tools and knowledge in the world but the outcome will only be a result of the work YOU put in.  No one can work on YOU but You.

I wanted to get the best education available to me. I knew I could become a personal trainer online, but I wanted to provide the very best to all my clients. I attended the American Academy of Personal Training in Boston.

I want to share my passion with the world and help as many people as I possibly can.

Se Habla Español!


Renee Cook

Certified Personal Trainer

Renee is her own success story. Her passion for fitness began 10 years ago when she hired a personal trainer to “get her sexy back” after having three children.

Renee was able to change her body composition and learned firsthand that strength and fitness is not a function of age or natural ability, but of knowing how to diet right, train properly, be consistent and be committed.

Renee holds a bachelor's degree in Communication from the University of New Hampshire, but her passion for fitness and nutrition led her to become a Certified Personal Trainer from the American College of Sports Medicine in 2012.

During that same year Renee challenged herself to take the stage as a figure competitor at a WNBF (World National Body Building) show. In her first show she placed 3rd and 4th in her classes. She also competes in triathlons and Spartan races.

As a busy, working mother, Renee has maintained her strength and lean physique through the diet and exercise programs she developed. Renee’s passion is to share her knowledge and experience to help others improve their overall health, wellness, and quality of life. She sees each client as unique and creates individualized programs that work with her clients’ lifestyle needs, helping them to develop habits that allow them to achieve lasting results.

Renee understands that life gives us challenges at times, that schedules are busy, and that it is not always easy to make time for cooking a clean meal or getting motivated to go the gym. Renee has helped many women and men overcome challenges to meet their fitness goals. Renee’s goal is help each client create healthy long-term habits that allow them to maintain a healthy, happy, active, and abundant life.

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David Holman

Co-Owner of Bodies Defined and Personal Trainer

Just starting out?

David is certified as a Personal Trainer and holds a certificate as a Specialist in Fitness for Older Adults. He’ll teach you the facts vs. the myths about how to get fit at any age.

Need a little more ?

David is very knowledgeable in sports nutrition and the use and benefits of supplements. He’ll teach you the right way to eat in order to reach and maintain your fitness goals and answer your questions about nutritional supplementation.

Considering competition or just want to look like a competitor?

Let David help you with the experience he has obtained by training for and placing in the following:

State of NH Power Lifting

NABF - Maine’s Super Natural

Men’s Open Heavy Weight and Masters

NABF - Pro-Am Nationals

Men’s Open Heavyweight and Masters

Girls Doing Push Ups

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